Outcomes Measurement in the NHS

Outcomes Measurement in the NHS

COBIC will be presenting on outcomes measurement in the NHS, alongside ICHOM, and Better Value Healthcare, at the NHS Commissioning Show tomorrow, 25th June.

We think this will be a great way to learn about developing and implementing outcomes-based contracts as well as how to successfully develop outcome measurement programmes in provider organisations. We are passionate about outcome measurement as we believe it is an important way to raise the quality of care across the UK.

About ICHOM (www.ichom.org) – develops Standard Sets of outcomes, cofounded by The Boston Consulting Group (BCG), Harvard Business School (HBS), and the Karolinska Institute (KI).
About Better Value Healthcare (BHVC) (http://www.bvhc.co.uk) – works internationally with healthcare organisations, including CCGs, to design and deliver population-based and personalized health and care systems.

Presentations from the session will be available to download soon.


COBIC – Capitated Outcome-Based Incentivised Commissioning – is a common sense approach to securing both value for money and better outcomes for patients. As a contracting approach, COBIC releases commissioning and providing organisations to get the best out of their responsibilities handed to them from the NHS reforms.